>>> February 29, 2012:

Overhaul in progress! Note things that do not light up on the sidebar are not up at the moment.


>>> January 28, 2010:

Happy New Year! Updates will be coming to the Lithe-Fider page at somepoint soon I promise. :'D But a lot of this page is about linkage so not a huge deal at the moment. I really want to get that webcomic started, or something like that. mmmmm....


>>> July 29, 2009:

The Improv Dubs page now actually has the VIDEOS linked on it! Go check out our improvisational anime dubs if you have never seen them; and for those who know them the Deathnote dub is NEW and the pokemon one also is kind of since almost no one has seen it :'D Enjoy!

>>> May 28, 2009:

This page is now linked to from the main TheNyssa.com page. :3 Things are still in progress but I'm happy with how it's coming along. The Video links are up, Improv dubs page is there but I gotta upload the actual movie files :'D , About Me is up, and Commission Info page is coming along. ^_^

>>> April 27, 2009:

Just started rebuilding the LitheFider homepage. :3 I can't transfer the old pages as all the linking would't work....so I pretty much need to start over! Many smaller sections will be dropped, but favorites like the Clow Tarot, cosplay and cons, custom plush, custom cards, fics and stuff will remain, just will be remade and moved around. :3

Keep watching this space for updates, and forgive any messyness / unlinked menu items while this page is still in progress. ^_^