DNA: The Future

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Dr. Trilles G. Lither

Zoie & Naltoshia
(As she was helping Tosh get used to her new arms :3 )

A painfully tragic Altered Megaleam who you love to root for. X3 He's my favorite of the 'side' characters.

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DNA: The Future is a story I've had since I was 12 years old starting with Dr. Lither and just three 'Creture' species.

It's changed a lot since then ... but the core ideas and characters have remained the same. It's a story set in our world, just if you dropped Dr. Lither back into 1949 and things went a little differently. It's not 'superhero' or 'take over the world' ish, it's Sci-Fi if you could peg it in a genre, and definitely meant for ages 16+.

It’s GLBT friendly with a plethora of normal/positively portrayed gay, lesbian, and bisexual couples alongside male/female ones too.  

It uses real-world science, and theories like String Theory, genetic alteration, and quantum physics to explain things (like Star Trek pseudo-science but a lot more on the ‘science’ :3 ) and is very pro-environmentalist and living with the planet, not aganist it.

I have a three-book series planned (with character-specific spin-offs). To begin awareness for the characters / story I will have teaser summaries and character biographies / pictures on this page.

If I get the time / inspiration I’d love to draw up some web comics too. Those would be fun! I also want to do more animations (since I'm an animator) but of course animating things all by yourself takes a lot of time.

All those I share them with seem to feel a special connection, so I really want to share them with everyone and have their world become a small part of yours, and prehaps they will be like family to you much as they feel to me.

I hope you will enjoy my story!