Who is this "Lithe-Fider" woman anyway?

Lithe-Fider is also known as Nyssa in real life. She is a 26-year old artist with a BFA in Animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design

Besides art, she is a lover of cosplay, videogames/anime, nature, science, DNA, string theory, sci-fi, the ocean, and other women.

Art wise she is well versed in many mediums. Her favorite and best being clay, fabrics, and watercolors.

She stops to stare at beetles on flowers, appreciates old technology, and uses flippers in pools. She likes foxes, seals, insects, and okapi’s. Her favorite color is blue, but if rainbow could be called a color then THAT would be it.


She’s been driving a stick shift 1975 Volkswagen bus since she was 16, and loves every minute of it.

She has not much time for anime or videogames anymore .... but still plays / watches them if she can. She likes to dress up and make costumes of her favorite characters. She goes to anime cons to run around in costume and sell crafts.

Nyssa loves to meet new people and is very personable so don't be afraid to talk to her or go up to her at conventions or fairs.


Nyssa loves to create and develop original characters. This includes a large cast of characters running around in her head since she was 12 starting with Dr. Lither - this has become DNA: The Future.

There are other worlds too which were part of her college animations like Sumi and friends, and Undead Elaine. Not to mention a host of original plush creatures.

One day she hopes to work in stop motion, puppetry, animation or special effects industry (hands on in those departments). It’s her dream to have a videogame, book, or movie (or all three :3 ) made of her characters.

She can’t wait to create more things!